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219 Bondi Road Bondi.

Oxford Appliance Parts at 219 Bondi Rd.

Conveniently located in Sydney's East for over thirty five years.

Free Delivery For Web Orders Over $60.


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Blade *Reduced to Clear.

Part No: OX744745
In Stock

Cap Screw Adjust Food Grinder FGA2

Part No: OX748270
In Stock

HoodWhite *Reduced to Clear.

Part No: OX744733
In Stock

Knife - Grinder cross blade

Part No: OX591259
In Stock


Part No: OX748129
In Stock

Lower Gearcase Onyx Black for KitchenAid Mixer

Part No: OX645573
In Stock

mini blade for KitchenAid Food Processor

Part No: OX748870
In Stock

Planetary Gear *Reduced to Clear.

Part No: OX744743
In Stock

Speed Link

Part No: OX749938
In Stock


Part No: OX693469
In Stock

Tool Remover/Stomper Grinder

Part No: OX748535
In Stock

Whisk *Reduced to Clear.

Part No: OX744740
In Stock

Bowl Support/Pins ER KSMC895 Support/Pins ER KSMC895

Part No: OX750129
Email for pricing

4.3L S/S Bowl Classic Mixer

Part No: OX749829
Email for pricing

Artisan Mini Coated Dough Hook

Part No: OX749022
Email for pricing

Base Foot Assembly Red K5

Part No: OX749553
Email for pricing


Part No: OX750076
Email for pricing

Blander Black Lid

Part No: OX749491
Email for pricing

Control Assy Overlay - Silver

Part No: OX748461
Email for pricing

Flat Beater - Metal Coat KSM7581

Part No: OX749546
Email for pricing

GEAR WITH SHAFT. *Reduced to Clear.

Part No: OX442402
Email for pricing


Part No: OX749619
Email for pricing

Inner Bowl

Part No: OX750007
Email for pricing

Onyx Black Lid And Cap

Part No: OX750006
Email for pricing

Overpressure Steam Valve

Part No: OX750222

Pouring Shield Tlit Head + K5

Part No: OX748982
Email for pricing

Power Cord - Black (Blender)

Part No: OX748254
Email for pricing

Sensor and Control

Part No: OX748969
Email for pricing

Shaft Assembly

Part No: OX748462
Email for pricing

Spring Lock Lever Tlt Head

Part No: OX748128
Email for pricing

Thumb Screw - Silver

Part No: OX748979
Email for pricing

Thumb Screw ( Chrome )

Part No: OX738669

Thumb Screw Attach Hub

Part No: OX748294
Email for pricing

Transmission Housing

Part No: OX749543
Email for pricing

Transmission Housing

Part No: OX749550

Trim Band for KSM150

Part No: OX748978
Email for pricing

Trim Band Screw

Part No: OX750194
Email for pricing


Part No: OX734078
In Stock

Brush Holder Assembly *Reduced to Clear.

Part No: OX699868
In Stock

CONTROL PCB *Reduced to Clear.

Part No: OX734419
In Stock

GASKET KP2670 *Reduced to Clear.

Part No: OX442400
In Stock


Part No: OX711206
In Stock

O RING *Reduced to Clear.

Part No: OX442664
In Stock

pin for fuse gear *Reduced to Clear.

Part No: OX744562
In Stock

Power Cord Black KSM90/150/156/K5 Series/K45

Part No: OX738806
In Stock


Part No: OX744942
In Stock

Screw Lever Speed and latch link

Part No: OX748463
In Stock

SHAFT - VERTICAL CENTRE *Reduced to Clear.

Part No: OX693472
In Stock

Shower Disc for KES100 KES2102

Part No: OX693223
In Stock

Terminal Gasket

Part No: OX744693
In Stock

Food Pusher

Part No: OX741971
Email for pricing

Single Wall Jug

Part No: OX743775
Email for pricing


Part No: OX748131
Email for pricing